In architecture, ECOLOGY focuses on the impact of the built form on the environment and society. It recognises the importance of theoretical research as a foundation for development in everything from sustainable design to community development. theory forum 09 addresses the notion of ECOLOGY and architecture. How is ECOLOGY translated from other fields of research into architecture?

Concepts of ECOLOGY vary between disciplines. Proposing ECOLOGY as a central theme around which to develop a common language, can a system of sharing and collaboration between the diverse fields of research and professions be created?

Research and theory should be recognised by professions of the built environment and consequently society. Is the sharing of knowledge in such a way the answer to the progression of research in academia?

theory forum 09 wants to explore how architecture engages with the concept of ECOLOGY. The forum aims to collate various methodologies and operations conducted by related disciplines, as well as divergent fields of research. The aim for the theory forum 09 : ECOLOGY will be to become a testing ground through which a common language of ECOLOGY can be formulated.

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