School of Architecture and Department of Landscape East-West Seminars 2012-13

A series of three seminars held on Wednesday mornings from 9.30 to 1.00pm Presentations will be made by visiting scholars and by PhD students in the finals stages from both departments. The topics are as follows:

24th October Tombs and Transitions in Chinese Imperial Architecture

This session will focus on gates, doors and spatial sequences, noting particularly the perceived connections in between material thresholds and the more abstract thresholds crossed at key stages in life called ‘Rites of Passage’ such as birth, coming of age, marriage and death.

14th November: Modern and Modernisation View poster This session will consider what it means to be modern or to modernise, as seen in various parts of East Asia and by the West. The term Modern Architecture has evidently meant very different things at different times, with contrasting interpretations in China, Taiwan, Japan and Thailand.

Landscape Studio 4, on floor 11.

12th December: Chinese Gardens

This final session will look again at that peak of Chinese culture, the Scholar Garden, and what it meant for the owners and makers as well as how we might read it today. The contrast between formal and informal, though in some ways specific to Imperial China, seems also to include some universal values.

Architecture Lecture Theatre 16.03

PBJ 5/10/12

Home Research Group PhD Event

An event to raise awareness of PHD research around the home and housing carried out at SSoA and within the Faculty of Social Science and to create a forum for discussion.

when/where Friday 12th October/ 2-5 pm – Floor 13, rooms 18 & 19

Image: Peter J Lambert

Dr Kossak and Dr Cerulli host Sheffield Urban Design Week 2012 event

Dr Florian Kossak and Dr Cristina Cerulli will host one event within the Sheffield Urban Design Week 2012.

Urban Design Week - Sheffield Urban Condition Event

RESEARCH DISCUSSION ON SHEFFIELD’S URBAN CONDITION Sheffield School of Architecture will facilitate a discussion on possible platforms to collect and share ideas, research and best practice concerned with the imaginative transformation of Sheffield’s urban fabric. The event is using the exhibition ’50 ideas for Sheffield – how we might build a better city together’, first developed for the Festival of the Mind, curated by SKINN and Cristi na Cerulli (SSoA).

Booking: Open to everyone from politicians, academics, professionals and local communities who care about the future of the city. Venue: CADS – Creative Arts Development Space, Snow Lane, S3 7AL Organiser: Sheffield School of Architecture/MAUD in collaboration with SKINN 6.00pm