Satwinder Samra in The Times of India

Satwinder Samra was recently interviewed by Poonam Jain in an article in The Times of India, discussing  future trends for the Architectural Profession.

“Globalization has fundamentally changed how and where people work. There are many more opportunities for cross cultural and interdisciplinary working through out the design and construction phases. Contemporary Architects need to be able to understand the local contexts and traditions of their place of work, so they are able to produce a relevant architectural response in that area.”

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A longer, online version of the interview can be found here.

Design Culture Salon

Can Design Thrive in a Recession?

These are tough times for all creative fields. Some practitioners baton down. Others see the economic slowdown as an opportunity to rethink what they do. Can design really re-invent itself or will it be ‘business as usual’? How might scarcity impact on urban culture? What can be done with all those unemployed designers? How does a recession impact on public practices?

Prof. Irena Bauman will be participating in a panel discussion about how design functions in times of recession at the V&A Museum in London on Tuesday 26. March from 7pm to 8.30pm.  It is the fourth debate in a series of five and the panel also includes former SSoA head of school, Jeremy Till.

The event is free, but booking is essential:

Further information about this event and previous Design Culture Salons can be found here:


Red Nose Day

Calling all SSoA students, staff, emeritus professors, alumni and applicants…

Ever thought it would be good to appear on the front page of the SSoA website? Here’s your perfect chance. For Red Nose day (Friday 15th March) we are offering you the opportunity to be featured for all to see.

All you have to do is submit a portrait of yourself wearing a red nose. Photos can be in colour or black and white, should be a minimum of 800 x 800 pixels and in JPG format. Close up portraits will work best.

Please send photos to Russell Light (

Everyone who is featured is expected to make a donation to Red Nose day (suggested donation £2, but by all means give more). You can donate here…

[Small Print - Please only submit pictures for which you hold the copyright and agree that they can be used and adapted by SSoA.  We reserve the right not to feature pictures deemed inappropriate]

Portland Works Saved!


Portland Works Shareholders celebrate the purchase of the building

 One of Sheffield industrial heritage landmarks is now community owned.

Portland Works is a Grade II* Listed integrated cutlery factory. A hundred years ago, it was the birthplace of stainless steel manufacturing. Today it is a hub of craft and innovation, home to a community of diverse and thriving businesses including metalworkers, engravers, artists, wood workers and musicians.

Through Sheffield first Community Share Issue Portland Works (an Industrial Provident Society for the Benefit of the Community) has now purchased the building and looking into its future use.

The project was initiated when a speculative Planning Application for ‘Change of Use’ was submitted, proposing to convert the Works it into bedsit flats. Tenants, activists and local people worked first to oppose this, and then, to propose alternatives.

This landmark community led initiative is a collective effort of many, many volunteers. Part of the project activities and some crucial aspects of the project such as the decision to collectively own the building and to purchase it through Community Shares, were supported by and developed in the context of a Knowledge Transfer project funded by the University of Sheffield: Re-Imagining Portland Works: Sustainable Futures for Sheffield Industrial Heritage. Led by Dr. Cristina Cerulli and with Julia Udall as lead researcher, the project facilitated and supported the exploration of sustainable futures for Portland Works as well as their implementation. The project has also benefited from links to and input from a number of student projects within the University of Sheffield, including Architecture, Urban Design, Landscape, Journalism, History and English.

Read more about some of the research developed within the Re-Imagining Portland Works: Sustainable Futures for Sheffield Industrial Heritage here, here Precedents and Case Studies and here: Re-Imagining Portland Works.

For more information, news and for how to get involved with the project check